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Little Folks will be closed.


LOST & FOUND – As the weather starts to warm up, do not forget about jackets, sweaters, etc. which may be left behind.  Label any outerwear with your child’s name so we can return it to you if it is left at school. 


Some parents have not yet returned the registration forms for the summer camp and fall programs. Please return the forms immediately even if your child will not be attending, as we need an accurate count.  There is still space available in both the Summer Camp and September Programs. 



Goodbye March, Hello April!  The children were very busy this past month.  We decorated our room for St. Patrick’s Day with shamrocks, rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns.  We also decorated for Easter with bunnies, eggs to hang on our tree, chicks and baskets.  Did your child tell you about the basket of gold coins that we found and the Easter Egg Hunt?

Our topic of discussion this past month was The Five Senses.  We did different exercises for each sense.  Some of them were: Sight – describe the object that was put in their hand while being blindfolded. Touch – Identify the texture of the materials we used in our projects (bumpy, soft, rough, etc.) Taste– we had a taste test of different flavors (sour, sweet, salty, bitter, etc.)  Hearing – put on industrial headphones to experience what it would be like to be deaf.  We learned sign language for the following words: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, love, please, and thank you.  Ask your child to show you!  Smell – smelled different spices while being blindfolded.  We also made a graph of our eye colors.  Brown won with 8; Blue came in second with 6; Hazel was next with 3.  We had no green eyes in our class. 

Our theme unit for the month of April will be: The Weather. We will learn about tornadoes; hurricanes; and how the wind is a big part of them.

Our activities for April will be as follows:

Academics:  Number – 3; Color – purple; Shape -oval; Letters – Xx,Yy and Zz.  We will continue to review all numbers and letters and to write our names.

Art projects:  Umbrellas, suns with rainbows; and forsythia plants.

 Happy Spring!! 



Happy April!  We had a great month of March. We learned so much and had so much fun! We enjoyed decorating our room for St. Patrick’s Day. We made pots of gold, shamrocks, rainbows and unicorns.  We learned about dinosaurs.  We each made two dinosaurs and train cars to make a big Dinosaur Train bulletin board.  The leprechaun left us a pot of gold chocolate coins!  We talked about the windy month of March.  We continue to practice number and letter recognition. 

The letters we learned this month were:  Nn for Nemo; Vv for Volcano: Dd for Dinosaur; and Ee for Eagle. 

During the month of April, we will be getting ready for Spring.  We have lots of Arts & Crafts activities planned.  Some of the things we will be doing are: making flowers, umbrellas, and birds. The color for April is purple and the shape is the oval.  Cutting with scissors and tracing will continue.

 Happy Spring!!!

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